Enable your aging parent to live independently longer

Personalized senior care services provided by a wellness coach with smart device monitoring.

You don’t have to feel the squeeze.

Caring for a loved one can be overwhelming when added to your already-long list of other responsibilities. But now you can be confident they are staying hydrated and getting enough sleep because they have a real person looking out for them.

That’s where Vimient Connect comes in.

Vimient Connect Provides:
A second set of eyes, ears and more.

Approachable experts. Actionable insight.

A human touch twice a week with a formally-trained, certified wellness coach.

  • Personalized guidance on nutrition and wellness topics.
  • Resources to help locate senior activities, transportation, meals, mental health, and social services.

Smart technology that’s not in the way.

24-hour monitoring.

  • Daily monitoring at your finger tips for your loved one’s quality of sleep, hydration, weight, location, activity levels and more.
  • Emergency contact in case of falls or vital sign changes.

Better living. Quantified.

App-based live updates on your loved one’s wellness, so you can have peace of mind, all the time.

  • Plus, real-time texts summarizing progress toward wellness goals and changes to your loved ones wellbeing.
  • Monthly check-in call with you and your loved one’s wellness coach.

Thrive. Independently.

Not only does your Vimient Connect wellness coach provide real, live support to your loved one through twice-weekly phone calls, you get the assurance your loved one is safe, sleeping well, staying hydrated, maintaining weight, and more.

That’s what Vimient Connect is designed to do.

Learn how Vimient Connect can reduce your stress and help your loved one live independently longer.