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Making all the difference: Individualized Wellness Coaching

Chosen for their experience, compassion and passion for senior wellbeing, our Certified Health and Wellness Coaches are the heart of Vimient’s unique offering. Extensive training and intensive onboarding prepare our Wellness Coaches to holistically support seniors through long-lasting, trusting relationships.

Health and Wellness Coaches,
transforming senior care

Many seniors are wary of becoming burdens to their families and want to remain independent and in control of their care. Our dedicated Wellness Coaches focus on helping seniors age-in-place for as long as possible. Coaches are specifically trained to be a steadfast ally in facing the challenges of aging.

  • Wellness Coaches are paired with members according to personality traits through a proven method that nurtures successful, productive relationships
  • Twice-weekly phone calls build a trusting bond with seniors, reduce the risk of isolation, and allow Wellness Coaches to add context and understanding to data collected from smart devices 
  • A motivational approach in these one-to-one chats results in a senior who is more active in creating and achieving wellness goals
  • Family and caregivers get a more complete view of seniors’ emotional and mental wellbeing through their own ongoing Wellness Coach monthly calls

Certified by the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching

Each potential Wellness Coach is carefully vetted for experience in coaching, performance improvement, customer service, and healthcare. And that’s just the start — once they join Vimient, candidates undergo an extensive training program which includes:

  • Certification as an Adults & Seniors Health Coach from the prestigious Dr. Sears Wellness Institute (DSWI), accredited by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC)
  • Rigorous coursework in senior wellness, aging-in-place, health issues for older adults, and how to connect seniors and their families with valuable resources
  • Skill-building in motivational interviewing to create positive changes in health and wellness
  • Mentorship from experienced Wellness Coaches for direct observation and in-person education


vimient health and wellness coach on a laptop

Learning that never stops

Our dedicated Wellness Coaches continue to evolve and learn as they serve seniors, with continuing education and advancement opportunities.

  • Ongoing case review sessions and call reviews are overseen by geriatric-specialist Registered Nurse managers
  • Twice-a-year refresher training reinforces and expands on initial learnings
  • Wellness Coaches regularly attend continuing education and professional development programs, and are supported as they go through advanced Master-level Wellness Coaching Certification from DSWI

Here to help, in every way

Melissa Rose, RN, CCM, CHC
Director of Wellness Services

An RN for 18 years who has worked in complex care and specialized in senior medicine for more than two decades, Melissa delivers emotional support, companionship and human care aided by modern technology. She leads teams in creating customized SMART-based wellness plans tailored to the unique needs of each senior to help them live in place longer.

Laura Ludwig, RN, BSN, CHC
Vimient Care Team Supervisor

With over 30 years in nursing experience specializing in senior care and geriatric care management programs, Laura delivers exceptional management of clinical cases. She leads integrated care teams with a focus on optimizing senior care, striving to enhance their quality of life and encouraging their independence.

Angela Venegas, CHC
Vimient Health and Wellness Coach

With over 3 years as a health and wellness coach specializing in older adults, Angela develops deep and meaningful relationships with her senior members. She empowers seniors to lead vibrant, active lives by providing personalized guidance and support tailored to their unique needs and goals.

Meet Angela


“All of the wellness coaches at Vimient are invested in the seniors and their care.”
— Angela Venegas, CHC (Vimient Coach)

Watch Angela’s story about how she’s using Vimient to transform the lives of her seniors.

Proven to protect and support

In a 21-month trial, Vimient test participants* experienced:

Fewer Falls


below the peer group average

Fewer Hospitalizations


below the peer group average

Increased Activity Rate


increase vs. peer group 3% decline average

*21 month study of a beta group of seniors.

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