Vimient Connect

Senior wellness service with human-to-human connection

Vimient helps senior living communities reduce risk through a combination of coach/resident relationships and data-collecting technology. Our Certified Health and Wellness Coaches connect regularly with residents, gaining insights from twice-weekly conversations to add dimension to wellness data. The result: a personalized level of care that extends stays and truly supports residents in senior independent living.

Countless advantages, for you and your residents

Vimient Connect
for Independent Living

Your senior care residents feel cared for. Families stay in the loop without extra effort from staff. And you have an effective solution to reduce costs and minimize falls and hospitalizations.

  • Wellness Coaches talk with residents twice a week, plus gaining insight for real-time, holistic evaluations.
  • Coaches also monitor data for active tracking of falls, diet, sleep, hydration and activity.
  • Remote monitoring technology offers immediate alerts to falls or other concerns.
  • Proprietary Vimient Connect dashboard offers staff real-time updates and an overview of residents’ wellbeing.
  • We partner with your staff to encourage shut-ins to engage in the community.

Proven to protect and support

In a 21-month trial, Vimient test participants* experienced:


Mental Wellbeing

qualitative increase

based on a survey to measure improvement

Managed Weight


converged toward ideal BMI for elderly of 25–30

Fewer Falls


below the peer group average

*21 month study of a beta group of seniors.

Why Vimient

It’s all about connections: between seniors and those who care for them, between data and action, and between your objectives and the best ways to preserve independence.

Resident-Centered Experience

Vimient Connect keeps families updated, 24/7, plus helps your staff stay aware of any declines in residents’ condition. As a result, you can monitor residents better, communicate more effectively with families, and lower the liability risk of claims.

Highly trained Wellness Coaches

Each Vimient coach completes certification as an Adults & Seniors Health Coach from the prestigious Dr. Sears Wellness Institute (DSWI), accredited by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC). They’re the heart of our offerings, and a key connection point between caregivers and residents.

Real-Time Insights

Our proprietary dashboard is easy to access and offers real-time insights into a resident’s wellbeing. You and your staff can check a resident’s health, see notes from coaches, and review vital changes over time.

“Vimient offers an extra layer of oversight for seniors.”
Melissa Rose, RN, CCM, CHC
Director of Wellness Services

Learn how Vimient will add person-centric care to your community

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